Discover the benefits of adding a CPD certificate generator to your website for your organisation and members.

If you are from an association or other organisation that issues Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificates, have you considered the benefits of going digital to take control of your certification administration? It's a great way to streamline your certification processes, improve the service you offer to your members and save valuable time and money for your organisation.

While exploring opportunities to improve business processes for our clients - many of which are associations and other membership-based organisations - 101's expert web developers have designed an effective approach to building secure, online CPD generators for our clients' websites.

A Simpler Approach To CDP Certificates


Clear Advantages For CPD Certifiers & Members

For CPD certifying bodies, the introduction of a web-based CPD certificate generator offers a number of advantages compared with traditional admin-reliant methods:

  • Members can instantly generate CPD certificates directly from the association's website
  • Members can immediately access certificates for past events
  • Major reduction in admin time and costs for certifying organisations
  • Name misspellings and other inaccuracies are eliminated


CPD plays a crucial role in today's competitive professional landscape, enabling individuals to stay current, acquire new skills, and progress in their careers. CPD involves participating in various learning activities, such as workshops, training programmes, conferences, and online courses, to enhance professional knowledge and expertise.

Traditionally, professionals received CPD certificates by email or post, a time-consuming and costly process. However, with the expertise of 101 Websites, Apps and Email Marketing, organisations can now integrate CPD certificate generators into their websites, revolutionising the way professionals receive and manage their certificates.

The Benefits Of Going Digital 

Traditionally, CPD certificates are emailed or posted to recipients, which can lead to delays and administrative burdens. Additionally, printing and postage costs further add to the expenses incurred by associations and organisations. For the increasing number of certifying bodies that demand a more immediate, efficient and cost-effective solution, 101 has the answer.

  1. The Power of CPD Certificate Generators on Websites

    The web development team at 101 are experts in integrating CPD certificate generators into their clients' websites. This functionality enables professionals to access and generate their CPD certificates directly from the certifying body's website, saving time, effort, and resources. It's important to note that this process is protected by the use of unique membership and event codes provided by the issuing bodies, ensuring the authenticity and control over who can generate CPD certificates.

  2. Saving Time and Money

    By incorporating CPD certificate generators into websites, organisations can significantly reduce the administrative burden associated with certificate distribution. Professionals no longer need to rely on manual processes for requesting and receiving certificates. Instead, they can effortlessly generate certificates themselves at any time, eliminating the need for time-consuming email or postal services. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also reduces printing and postage costs, resulting in cost savings for organisations.

  3. Empowering Associations and Organisations

    With 101’s support, associations and organisations can now provide instant CPD certificates through their websites. This empowers professionals to take control of their CPD records and certificates and improving their access to these materials. With safeguards in place to ensure the validity and eligibility of recipients, these certificates are exclusively available to individuals who have attended the appropriate events, training courses, or conferences.

Several 101 clients, including the British Association of Day Surgery (BADS), Addiction Professionals, and the Association of Breast Surgery (ABS), are already benefiting from this solution as part of their website build, often in conjunction with a bespoke conference or event app.


The inclusion of CPD certificate generators on websites and apps has transformed the way professionals access, manage, and receive their CPD certificates. 101 Websites, Apps and Email Marketing has helped to revolutionise the CPD process, saving time, effort, and money for associations and professionals alike. By embracing this innovative technology, organisations can enhance professional recognition, streamline administrative processes, and empower individuals on their continuous learning journey.

Ready to Revolutionise Your CPD Certificate Process?

At 101 Websites, Apps and Email Marketing, we excel in building creative and robust web solutions that enable organisations to enhance their CPD processes. Our expertise in developing integrated CPD certificate generators for websites can transform the way you produce and distribute certificates, saving you time, effort, and money.

Don't let administrative burdens hold you back. Contact us today and unlock the benefits of streamlined CPD certificate generation for your organisation.