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"101 transformed our vision into an engaging and user-friendly website that does everything we need and more!"

Jeanette Oliver, The British Society of Endovascular Therapy (BSET)


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The British Society of Endovascular Therapy (BSET) is an association that promotes scientific research, education and training in endovascular treatment and procedures for the advancement of health and public benefit. BSET’s website plays a vital role in supporting the Society’s mission, serving as a central hub for news, resources, and assistance for those with endovascular interests. It actively contributes to promoting awareness and education in the field.

The Brief

BSET required help from 101 to address significant challenges presented by their website. The platform, constructed by a previous agency, lacked flexibility and was difficult to manage, hindering its effectiveness in supporting the Society. 

BSET required a more user-friendly website. They needed a logical navigation system and a well-structured site to host their extensive collection of resources.

BSET's new website needed to be easily updateable, enabling the site to grow and evolve as their needs dictated. Updating web content and maintaining its relevance for BSET's audience was challenging as the site's limitations made it impossible to incorporate new sections. This included the extensive portfolio of online educational resources developed by BSET during the pandemic. 

BSET sought an online solution from 101 to eliminate the time-consuming admin tasks associated with the manual creation and distribution of CPD certificates for event attendees.

Our Solutions

BSET chose 101 based on the agency’s track record of delivering successful digital projects including care sector websites and Jeanette’s positive prior experiences working with 101.

“Having worked with 101 before, I was confident in their capabilities. 101’s proven success in creating effective websites for societies and medical associations means they understand our needs as a membership-driven organisation. They guided us on how to structure the website and the type of content to include to best serve our stakeholders.” - Jeanette Oliver

101 redesigned the website using Umbraco, offering a user-friendly content management system and a more adaptable framework than the Society’s previous WordPress site. The new BSET website is smart and professional, offering improved navigation and a user-friendly layout for the Society’s wealth of content. A key addition is the dedicated section for webinars and educational resources. 101's solution makes content management smoother for BSET and allows for the easy addition of new pages and timely updates.

“101 has delivered a website that does everything we need and more! Our new site is professional and user-friendly, allowing us to easily manage and update content. The integration of our educational portfolio drives traffic to the site and adds value for both existing and prospective members of our Society." - Jeanette Oliver, BSET

101 has significantly reduced admin for BSET with the integration of an instant web-based CPD certificate generator. This has eliminated the previous labour-intensive task of creating and distributing hundreds of individual certificates after each event. Attendees now receive a unique code for each qualifying activity or event, enabling them to effortlessly generate their certificates online through the BSET website. This solution saves time and money for BSET, while enhancing their service to members. Positive feedback from conference delegates highlights the efficiency and convenience of this feature.

“101's online CPD certificate generator has had a significant effect, saving time and resources and improving our membership service. Thanks to 101’s solution, delegates can now instantly generate CPD certificates via our website, inputting their own details to minimise errors and allowing them to regenerate certificates if misplaced.” - Jeanette Oliver, BSET

The new website has strengthened BSET’s online presence, providing a professional, modern and user-friendly platform. This transformation allows the Society to showcase its extensive resources in a more engaging and accessible way, underlining its value to current and potential members.

“The website has become a central hub for content that attracts more visitors and generates interest from people who are then more inclined to consider membership." - Jeanette Oliver, BSET

Using skills and experience gained through work with other membership-based organisations, 101’s integration of the online CPD certificate generator has relieved BSET of manual certification tasks. The new online solution not only saves time and resources for the Society but also ensures immediate access to certifications for event attendees, adding to the convenience of the system.

101’s solutions have contributed to an improved user experience for web visitors. The redesigned website with its enhanced navigation and dedicated resources sections makes it easier for visitors to access relevant information. The addition of the CPD certificate generator improves the overall event experience for Society members.

101’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service and ongoing support ensured a smooth transition to the new website and continued assistance post-launch. This collaborative approach has resulted in an effective website solution that is fully aligned with BSET's goals.

"I highly recommend 101 to anyone seeking a reliable team dedicated to delivering effective digital solutions." - Jeanette Oliver

"101's expertise in supporting membership-based organisations in the care sector, coupled with a creative, problem-solving approach and genuine commitment to our success, sets them apart from other agencies."

Jeanette Oliver, The British Society of Endovascular Therapy (BSET)

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