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Driving Digital Success For Anglia Car Auctions

"101 takes the time to understand our needs and makes sure they are met. We like doing business with their reliable and friendly team, who are always there when we need them."

Lyn George, Anglia Car Auctions

Anglia Car Auctions Website


The motor trade is notoriously difficult to navigate for buyers and sellers alike. At Anglia Car Auctions (ACA), Lyn provides a refreshingly friendly service, making sure that their customers get the best deals in the county. The company was started in 1995 and the family-run enterprise swiftly established itself as a business leader with a stellar reputation.

With their weekly modern car auctions, as well as the immensely popular classic car auctions that take place five-times-a-year, ACA has generated sales in excess of £7 million so far, this year alone. It is crucial that the business has a web presence that isn’t simply as attractive and streamlined as the Maseratis and DeLoreans passing through their showroom but also plays an integral part in the day-to-day workflow of their business.

The Brief

For a business as fast-changing and competitive as ACA, we needed to design and build a website that would provide two key functions. First, a smooth and easily navigable experience for ACA’s site visitors to keep their service as consumer-friendly as possible; second, a system working seamlessly 'behind the scenes' between the website and other platforms, reliably managing data and performing all the background tasks ACA require while remaining hassle-free and easy to use.

It needed to ensure that accounts could be linked quickly and effortlessly from ACA's website into their auction catalogue, and from the web to their vehicle information plate system. ACA also asked us to handle all of their email marketing, running campaigns and providing templates to promote their car auction listings

Our Solutions

We began with a consultative approach, listening carefully to Anglia Car Auction’s requirements to ensure that everything we developed was tailored to meet their very exacting needs.

The bespoke website we created provides access to all the important information ACA’s customers require, as well as click-through functionality on all the vehicles listed in their latest car auctions. It also interfaces neatly between the website and their auction catalogue, so that the process of downloading content from the web to the page and producing and updating the catalogue has become a much-simplified process. We also segmented the company’s data to ensure that the information used in their email marketing campaigns always remains current and that ACA’s customers only receive emails that are relevant to them.

To date, we have produced three incarnations of the website for ACA to meet their evolving requirements. Together we've formed a long-lasting and successful collaboration that continues to go from strength to strength.

"We’re delighted with the results of 101's support and the way our operation has been improved - it means we can devote more time to what we do best!"

Lyn George, Anglia Car Auctions

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