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First Website For NPTC Raises Profile & Enhances Service

"I'm really pleased with 101’s service. It’s good to know that their team is only a phone call away whenever I need advice on anything relating to our website or digital marketing in general."

Jessica Skidmore, Norfolk Proficiency Tests Committee

NPTC Website


The Norfolk Proficiency Tests Committee (NPTC) has launched its first-ever website to provide a one-stop resource for clients, partners and prospective customers who require information about its assessment services for land-based City & Guilds qualifications. Following a creative pitch involving four agencies, the NPTC selected 101 to design and build the new website.

The NPTC is an independent, not-for-profit organisation founded in 1994 to help individuals and businesses within the land-based sector. They provide National Proficiency Tests Council - City & Guilds assessments throughout Norfolk and surrounding areas. The NPTC provides assessment services to businesses, individuals and candidates from several established training providers including Easton College, Suffolk Rural College, Tree Logic and Chainsaw Training UK. They also offer an advisory service for those who require training or assessment in land-based qualifications in the region.

"We invited 101 to pitch for our website business following a personal recommendation from a friend who's been a 101 client for years. 101 stood out as the most proactive and put together a detailed proposal which included clear costings and a mock-up of their design ideas for our website." - Jessica Skidmore

The Brief

Having run a successful business for nearly thirty years, supporting thousands in getting certified, NPTC were keen to enhance their online presence. Impressed by 101's proposal and their experience in related industries, they chose 101 to create their first website, tasking them with two key challenges as part of the project.

NPTC's website needed to offer quick and easy access to information about their assessment services at a time to suit clients. They wanted people to be able to research information outside office hours, removing the need to contact NPTC until they were ready to book an assessment. The website needed to give clients easy access to all the information they require in one place such as downloadable qualification handbooks, FAQs, assessment overviews with pricing details and links to training providers.

NPTC wanted to promote itself more effectively online and boost its profile beyond the close relationships it enjoys with current training providers. Until the website launch, the only way to find out about NPTC was through their listing on the City & Guilds website or via word of mouth.

Our Solutions

101 took the time to understand NPTC's business needs and website goals. The result is an attractive, easy-to-navigate website that serves as a one-stop resource for existing and prospective clients requiring information about NTPC assessments and associated services. 

The new website provides visitors with convenient, instant access to detailed information that would previously have been more difficult to obtain by phone, email or post.

“101 has designed a well-organised website that conveys our professionalism in an attractive and engaging mannner, with clear signposts to key information that make it really easy for visitors to reach the content they need. The site is arranged by qualification and contains all the usual information we’re asked when people call us – and much more! Clients now have immediate access to this information and because it’s available as an online resource, they can revisit the page whenever they like and share it with colleagues as required." - Jessica Skidmore

A powerful feature of the website is the ability to download the qualifications handbook for each City and Guilds Certificate of Competence offered by NPTC. Other features include assessment prices, links to training providers and FAQs. NPTC's team expects to receive fewer phone enquiries as clients can now find all the information they need on the site. With less time taken up by phone calls, the team intends to allocate more time to enhancing their service provision.

With the wealth of information readily available on their new website and consequently less time spent responding to general enquiries, NPTC plans to allocate more time to raising their profile to reach a wider audience so they can support more individuals and organisations.

“101 gave us helpful advice about other digital marketing opportunities such as SEO, social media and advertising. Now that we have a professional and informative online presence for existing and prospective clients, we intend to get more active with our promotional activity, including establishing ourselves on social media platforms like LinkedIn and advertising with relevant publications such as Farmers Guide.” - Jessica Skidmore

“101’s website consultancy and general marketing advice have been invaluable. They made really good recommendations including advising us on ways to promote visitor engagement. 101 provided excellent practical guidance on copyright issues and data protection and put our minds at rest about how to be compliant. They have in-house data protection specialists who explained about data policies and privacy notices." - Jessica Skidmore

"The launch of our first-ever site is a big milestone for us and we’re really pleased to have made this investment in our future with 101’s help. They have a proven reputation with clients in the horticultural and agricultural sector, so we knew their advice would be based on solid industry experience and knowledge."

Jessica Skidmore, Norfolk Proficiency Tests Committee


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