101Smart Director, Roger Sutton, shares his GDPR expertise with BBC Radio 4's Money Box listeners and helps to demystify the new changes.

BBC Radio 4 Money Box Live GDPR And What It Means To You
BBC Radio 4 Money Box Live GDPR And What It Means To You

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In the run-up to the introduction of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 101Smart's Director, Roger Sutton, was invited to take part in BBC Radio 4's Money Box Live programme: GDPR and What It Means For You.

The introduction of the GDPR meant the arrival of new data protection rules that changed the way individuals and businesses deal with personal data, strengthening individual rights and meaning new obligations for businesses.

The programme, presented by Adam Shaw, sets out to demystify the new rules on data protection.

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Our trained and accredited in-house data protection staff can discuss any aspect of data protection with you to help you ensure your digital marketing activities are compliant.  Please get in touch for free advice.

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