House Exchange's powerful property exchange service for social housing tenants was built by 101. Watch their video to find out more.

Did you know there's a powerful nationwide property matchmaking service for social housing tenants and landlords which has its roots in Norwich, just like 101?

Meet House Exchange. It's the leading not-for-profit mutual exchange provider in the UK. Their dynamic property matching services are delivered through a website and app created by our web development experts at 101.

House Exchange is owned by the UK's largest housing association, Clarion Housing Group, and has been actively involved in mutual exchange since 2004, initially starting as a database for residents local to Norwich. Over two decades, it has expanded its reach, now boasting partnerships with 300 local authorities and housing associations, benefiting two million social residents with free access to its services.

Innovative Solution

House Exchange's success is a result of collaboration and innovation. With the support and expertise of 101, they've transformed an initial local database into a nationwide solution, offering seamless property matches to tenants and landlords across the UK. From the intricate development of complex multiway matches to ongoing enhancements, the partnership between House Exchange and 101 has been instrumental in shaping the service into the groundbreaking platform it is today.

"101 are full of bright ideas and work with us to explore together how we enhance and improve our online services." - Kim Gilden, Clarion Housing Group

Case Study

How House Exchange Works

Curious to know how this powerful property matchmaking service works? House Exchange's video explains it all. From property matching to real-time alerts, this innovative platform is helping thousands of people find their next home.


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