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Apps for Mobile Devices

Apps are a great way to provide business tools to your employees, visitors and customers.

Apps for Mobile Devices

We provide App development services for both Apple and Android. All of the apps we produce will have a specific business purpose, these include: 

You may wish for your app to send notifications to your customers when new information becomes available. This could be:

  • News notifications
  • Event reminders
  • New product alerts
  • Confirmation of an order

Calculation Apps
A calculation app is designed to perform a specific task, such as obtain a quotation. However, these can be more involved, for example, a fertiliser companies customers need to know how much fertiliser they need to mix and spray on to a specific field or crops. 

Geographic Information
Apps can access users' location to provide relevant information. For example, local stockists, weather information and properties for sale.

Conferences & Meetings 
An app for your conference and meeting delegates can allow you to send targeted, timely information direct to their devices. This could be an agenda, directions, meeting notes, other information and of course a reminder to attend.

Closed Apps
Apps are usually open for anyone to use however they can be closed to a specific range of users. A closed app is typically for your staff to use, it may be a trade catalogue to show customers on an iPad during a meeting or it could be a tool for them to record operational data on the go.

To discuss the options available, contact us on 01603 858250 and speak to one of our friendly team.