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Quote We've been using 101’s email and SMS messaging services for around 10 years to send
alerts every day which thousands of growers rely on. End Quote Victoria Chapman - ADAS

SMS Marketing

SMS is one of the most immediate ways to make contact with people. Your message is delivered straight to your customers pocket! Whether your text is a marketing message, an alert or a timely communication; SMS texts are an important mechanism.

SMS Marketing

The mobile phone has evolved into the smart phone with consumers and business people checking their emails, texting, browsing the web and using mobile apps on the go. It is always with them so your message is likely to be read within moments of it being received.

101 offer an SMS system that allows you to quickly and easily create, schedule and send text messages to your contacts. 

No Installation Needed
Messaging is a native app on smart phones, meaning that your recipient will receive your message without having to first download and install an app.

Fast and Effective
Text messages are usually delivered within seconds of being sent and have a have a 98% open rate. 

More Than Just Text
By sending a link along with your message, you invite your recipient to view your website, online brochure or any content you choose to put in front of them. You can even track this link to see how many clicks you have had. 

Low Cost 
Our SMS system costs just £10 per month and message credits start at just 5p per message. Give us a call today on 01603 858250 to discuss your requirements. 

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