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SMS Marketing

SMS is one of the most immediate ways to make contact with people. Your message is delivered straight to your customers pocket! Whether your text is a marketing message, an alert or a timely communication; SMS texts are an important mechanism.

SMS Marketing

The mobile phone has evolved into the smart phone with consumers and business people checking their emails, texting, surfing the web and using mobile apps on the go. It is always with them so your message is likely to be read within moments of it being received. It’s this instant turnaround that makes SMS a very effective form of marketing and there are 3 main types of messages which SMS is well suited to:

SMS Reminders
We all make appointments be they business meetings, industry events, a hair cut or a dental appointment. We all do forget sometimes too which can cost money both for the business providing the service but also potentially a missed appointment fee for us too. An SMS alert is not only a great reminder but can carry other information too such as their visitor number, a link to directions or the postcode for satnav users.

SMS Notifications
SMS notifications are quicker and more convenient than a letter or a phone call. A property matching your requirements has just come on to the market. The blue jacket you ordered is now in stock and will be despatched shortly. Your membership renewal is due in 7 days. Your prescription is ready for collection. Your car has been repaired and will be ready for collection at 4pm.

Offers and Vouchers
Two for one, VIP pass, money off your next purchase can help to increase footfall. Messages can be triggered by a date, someone's birthday perhaps or they can be sent manually - it's a slow day in the restaurant, so send all of your regulars a money off coupon.

We have created a separate website at to explain SMS and email marketing in more detail.

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