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Quote The system takes feeds from the Met Office and the Potato Council to geographically
identify growers for alerts to be sent automatically. End Quote Victoria Chapman - ADAS

Geographic Integration

Our developers are specialists in delivering geo-aware solutions across multiple devices. More and more content is being presented via maps and other geographic mechanisms. Matching services such as nearest dealer, store or depot are becoming common.

Geographic Integration

With the advent of free to use mapping services from Google and to some extent Microsoft more and more data is being associated with a geographic location. We have many years' experience in dealing with geographic data whether it is acquisition, searching or presentation.

Many of our clients use geographically based data to provide their users with targeted information or services and examples include:

  • House Exchange - Tenants of local authorities and social landlords are able to offer their property to swap with other tenants across the country. This system records their current location, their 'target' location and type of property. We then match potential candidates from a database of more than 100,000 properties in real time and even determine 3-way chains of matches.

  • Blightwatch - This service takes a daily data feed from the Met Office providing geographic based weather information of specific interest to potato growers. We analyse this data against a national database of growers and sent email and SMS text alerts to affected users each day. Again, this is done in real time against a database of nearly 10,000 growers.

  • Entertainment Retailers association - This service allows users to enter a town, city or postcode together with a chosen radius (miles or Km) and be returned a list of nearby record stores together with maps and directions if needed.

  • British International Freight Association - This service is similar to the above but gives access to nearby freight forwarders.

  • Voluntary Initiative - This application takes mapping data from the Environment Agency to provide farmers and their advisors with information relating to areas they must avoid or limit exposure of fertiliser and pesticides.

If you have geographic based information or would like to explore how to make your data geo-aware then we are happy to discuss options and opportunities with you.