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Tudor needed to redirect their customer journey online

Tudor International Freight has been helping businesses and individuals transport their freight and personal belongings around the globe for more than quarter of a century. Whatever the destination - Europe, Africa, Asia or farther afield - Tudor’s care and logistical expertise will ensure the shipment arrives there on time, safely and securely.

With their daily air, sea and road freight operations it is vital that Tudor has a website and data management system they can rely upon to help them process orders, store vital documentation, monitor the progress of shipments in real time and interface with their existing back-office systems. It’s a busy organisation, with a reputation that relies upon maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Brief

Tudor needed a website that could act as a one-stop shop for their customers. It had to allow them to book in their freight shipments (or even items as small as excess baggage) online, complete their documentation (shippers inventories, etc.) and even be able to access shipment information and paperwork for all shipments past or present, without having to leave the website.

Tudor had historically spent a significant amount of money on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). They were interested in exploring ways in which their SEO budget could be more effectively used to garner a greater return on their investment.

Our Solution

The freight industry is an area we already have experience in so we understand better than most what a complex business Tudor is managing. After talking with them and identifying their very specific requirements, our first step was to design a website that was extremely user-friendly, supplying all the information a customer needs to confidently organise a shipment online without having to pick up the phone. In a simple process, customers can now book in their shipment, receive an order number and pay for the shipment online and Tudor is automatically notified as soon as payment is received. 

Because the website is Tudor’s main way of communicating with its customers, it includes an 'Instant Quote' facility, together with click-through links to all the information they require including freight costs and their online payment facility.

Tudor has developed long-term relationships with many of their international clients, and during the course of working together they have amassed a considerable quantity of shipping documentation and other materials. We created an online repository to hold those documents so that both Tudor and their customers can refer to the information quickly and easily whenever they require.

Finally, we addressed Tudor’s SEO problem. 101 understands how outsourcing SEO can drain a business’s budget, sometimes with only limited results. We provided all the tools Tudor needs to do the SEO themselves, saving them all the money they had previously spent relying on another company to do what, now, our system allows them to do more efficiently in-house. 

What our client said:

We have been working with 101 for over a decade. They are so easy to work with and very professional from start to finish. They put their ideas forward to try and improve on our own, which is very useful. The whole team are extremely friendly and helpful. We would definitely recommend 101 if you are looking for a new website.

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