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Quote It was definitely the right time for us to up our game in world of e-mail marketing again
and it was great to do that with 101. End Quote Tom Thornley - The Original Cottage Company

TOCC needed to revolutionise their e-mail marketing

The Original Cottage Company (TOCC) has come a long way since Richard and Lesley Ellis began their holiday-letting business back in 1992. Little did they know then, but over the next two decades their founding brand Norfolk County Cottages would become part of a family of local brand – under the TOCC name – as their business spread far beyond the borders of East Anglia.

Today, TOCC remains proudly family-owned and has a property portfolio that extends to a multitude of beautiful locations across the UK. As the business has evolved, their core values of flexibility, reliability and outstanding customer service have remained the same. It’s those standards, as well as TOCC’s great respect for the communities in which they work, that is undoubtedly a huge reason for their extraordinary success. 

The Brief

First and foremost, the Original Cottage Company wanted to find new and more effective ways to communicate their marketing messages to their customers. In the past, they had relied largely upon direct mail, despatching printed brochures and other correspondence in response to customer’s requests. They had attempted email marketing before but recognised the need to have a system with greater capabilities. TOCC needed an email marketing system they could rely on, which would not only allow them to monitor the success or otherwise of the information they were sending, but which would be flexible enough to let them respond quickly to trends. It was a sea-change for the company and a little daunting, but we reacted fast to meet their needs.

Our Solution

After a detailed consultation, our response was to suggest using Smart Messenger for their needs. Smart Messenger allows the Original Cottage Company to analyse all of their email marketing campaigns down to the finest detail, reporting back in real-time as the recipient opens, clicks or forwards a message. It also manages unsubscribes, duplicates, bounces and provides tracking whenever recipients click through to TOCC’s website. If the recipient decides to share the email through their social networks Smart Messenger will follow that too, enabling TOCC to identify the social networking links that are working most effectively and use that valuable information to maximise the effects of their own social media. Smart Messenger allows TOCC to keep an eye on ROI (return on investment).

But installing Smart Messenger was only a part of the solution. We also created a raft of templates for the Original Cottage Company’s various emailing strategies and provided tools via the Smart Messenger API to allow integration into TOCC’s back office as well. Now, rather than have to manually process data, the busy staff at the Original Cottage Company can achieve this quickly and simply via their own back office systems. 

What our client said:

It was definitely the right time for us to up our game in world of e-mail marketing again and it was great to do that with 101. Their knowledge gave us confidence and it was surprising to discover just how much crucial marketing data we could get through Smart Messenger. Competing in the world of digital marketing is always daunting, but we’re learning how to optimise our messages so that really resonate with our customers and make sure they’re getting the information they need and want. Not only are we marketing better, but they helped us cut down on the time we were spending on analysing our data. There’s no doubt it’s going to have a positive effect on our business.