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Quote They give me straightforward advice combined with an eye-catching designs and excellent functionality, which always delivers! End Quote Phil Gibson - Reverberate PR

Reverberate must provide a great service

With their roots in the countryside, Reverberate are a specialist food and agriculture PR agency. However, their heads are very firmly in the boardroom, ensuring that everything they do helps their clients meet their objectives. What this means is that they offer practical, down to earth and friendly PR advice that clients can and do trust.

We have had a long-standing relationship with Philip, the Managing Director at Reverberate, having created several websites for him in previous lifetimes. When he wanted to set up his own agency we were very pleased to be asked to help him with a new website.

We provide Reverberate with bespoke websites for several of their clients. These are managed by Reverberate staff on behalf of their clients and they find a consistent content management interface across all the sites to be a very efficient and cost effective way of working.  

The Brief

The requirement from Reverberate was to create a website to get the new business up and running and to act as a partner in the provision of client websites. Any clients that needed a new or updated web presence can have this requirement fulfilled by 101 at reasonable cost with Reverberate staff carrying out the ongoing content management.

The main Reverberate site was to be relatively simple in terms of its content and structure. The main thread of the site was to showcase the team's insight and copywriting skills with regular well received blogs and twitter updates. 

Our Solution

The Reverberate site itself is a straight forward content managed website with a blog publishing system and a live feed from their twitter account. However, the more important part of the solution for them is the ability to provide cost-effective websites for their clients which they can manage directly on their behalf.

This allows them free rein to implement their PR and copywriting skills directly onto their client's websites without the need to operate via a third party or brief client staff to do the work. They are able to provide a service offering great value for money which operates in a very timely fashion.

What our client said:

I have worked with 101 on a number of projects and have always been impressed with their professionalism. They give me straightforward advice combined with eye-catching design and excellent functionality. This ensures that the websites they create always deliver results. On top of that they are a pleasure to work with!

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