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Mojo’s branding needed to make impactful first impression

Mojo is an exciting new consultancy which focuses on business development, innovation and partnership.

Founded by Mike Ward, who was previously Executive Director at Circle Housing and worked closely with 101 on development of the House Exchange website, Mojo’s aim is to supply valuable expertise and friendly guidance to organisations and individuals who are seeking to make positive change and strategic alliances in the housing sector. 

The Brief

As a dynamic new business geared towards excellence and positive transformation, Mojo wanted a brand presence that was professional and cutting-edge while also being warm and friendly enough to encourage prospective clients to get involved. In many ways, even though they knew what they wanted to achieve, this assignment was an open-book. Mojo needed everything that a full branding involves, and they trusted us to deliver.

Our Solution

Although we don’t undertake a lot of branding work, we were very happy to work with Mojo on developing a brand strategy. When you create the look of a brand, you create the public face of a business: first impressions count so it’s important to get them right, and first impressions are all about visual impact, which includes everything from the choice of font to the background design to the amount of furniture you use on a page. After listening carefully to what Mojo wanted to achieve, and finding out a little more about the company ethos, we structured our approach around simple lines and a clean and calming colour palette designed to reflect the very organic, balanced and holistic way in which Mojo conducts their business. We created their logo, designed and built their website, and produced business cards, taking care to ensure that all these various elements complimented one another and would never be outdated as Mojo’s business grows and develops.

What our client said:

The team at 101 got us off to a fantastic start and we’ve had many compliments and positive comments in the months since we launched Mojo. We’d recommend them to anyone looking to bring an idea and an ethos to life.

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