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Quote The 101 team are very professional. Getting this right was as important to them as it was for us.
Great work. End Quote Zoe Lawson - Marshall Motor Group

Marshall needed to accelerate their web operation

Marshall Motor Group are one of the country’s top ten motor dealerships for a very good reason – ever since their first car sale in 1914 they have remained pioneers in the industry, constantly innovating and finding new and creative solutions to address their customers’ needs. For Marshall, the client always comes first. Thanks largely to this spirit and their ability to always find the competitive edge they are well within reach of their goal to become the UK’s premier automotive retail and leasing company.

In the fast-paced motor industry, there is no room for slow coaches. Marshall’s corporate clients want to know what vehicles are available across all of Marshall’s 80+ franchises and dealerships and once they have found what they are looking for they want to be put into contact with those dealerships quickly. 

The Brief

When Marshall approached us for help, the crux of their problem was that everything they required their website and back end systems to do was a long process. At its most basic, Marshall needed to put their customers, corporate fleet managers, in touch with the various dealerships throughout the Marshall Group. But they also needed a system that would allow their customers to compare all the different vehicles on offer, not just their make and model but also other important statistics like benefit-in-kind (BIK) percentage and total cost of ownership (TCO). The new system should be able to pull together a lot of complex information but present it as clearly and simply as possible so that their customers could exactly identify the vehicles that would best meet their requirements. 

Our Solution

Marshall gave us a very specific brief and we rose to the challenge, designing a data based webservice that not only connects to all of Marshall’s databases and back-end systems, instantly collecting and collating information from a vast number of different streams, it also integrates with the all-important CAP database that the British automotive industry relies so heavily upon for comprehensive and reliable vehicle information. For the uninitiated a CAP database can be incredibly complicated but we know how to work with them, and we how to best integrate CAP data to meet Marshall’s requirements. Our next task was to design a customer-facing website that could present all of that complex data in a format that is intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing Marshall’s clients to quickly search for vehicles, compare and contrast the results and, once their choice had been made, make immediate contact with the relevant dealership.

The result was a solution that looks simple and attractive on-screen but is swiftly and efficiently processing and interpreting a tremendous amount of data behind the scenes.

What our client said:

We are so happy with the results of 101 work. The system they implemented has made it simple for us to produce meaningful vehicle short lists for our customers to consider. Not only is this a useful tool for Marshall staff, but our customers, fleet managers can also access the system and produce the same short lists to send on to their staff to consider. The integration of the CAP data is a fantastic benefit. It provides staff and customers with essential vehicle data from high level information, such as Benefit In Kind (BIK) to vehicle specifics such as air-con and sat-nav. It’s not just the time we are saving in the company, but now our customers have a website that can do so much more for them. The site 101 designed our customers them a user-friendly, comprehensive experience and they can be confident that they’re getting the right deal for them. The 101 team are very professional, approachable and collaborative. Getting this right was as important to them as it was for us. Great work.

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