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Quote 101 delivered an app that solved all the problems of the very precise brief we’d given and it was also far less expensive than we’d anticipated. End Quote Spencer Stevenson - Executive Director

BIFA’s app must engage with young professionals

BIFA – the British International Freight Association – is a not-for-profit trade association which champions and protects the interests of over 1500 UK companies in the freight forwarding logistics and supply chain management sector. It not only provides representation, guidance and developmental training within the industry, but when its members speak BIFA listens.

After Jenifer Taylor won BIFA’s Young Freight Forwarder Award, she suggested that BIFA should create an app that would appeal to a younger audience. It was an important change of direction for BIFA and they entrusted 101 with the challenge of making it happen.

The Brief

BIFA wanted a dynamic cost-effective app that would place up-to-the-minute information in the hands of its users.

The aim of the app was primarily to communicate news, events and training information to BIFA’s members and the general public, with a particular focus on connecting with younger users. For that reason, it not only had to be responsive, reliable, extremely functional and cost-effective, it also had to look as good as it performed. 

Our Solution

Having previously built BIFA’s main website we were well acquainted with the scope and demands of their business. When considering solutions, we not only consulted with BIFA but also talked to Jenifer, asking her opinion about what the app should contain. After all, Jenifer didn’t only suggest the app in the first place, she’s also a perfect representative for the target age group, so assembling all this knowledge proved invaluable in getting the app absolutely right.

The beauty of an app is that it can seamlessly communicate information to the end-user, notifying them in real-time and regardless of location, so that they can immediately read it and (if necessary) respond to it without having to go to a website or login to their email. It’s an immensely powerful tool when used properly, so developing a simple but reliable notification alert and ensuring that the app not only looked attractive but also that pages loaded quickly and appropriately on smaller displays, were some of the key solutions we put in place. We were also keen to make sure that the app, complimented and reinforced the BIFA brand image.

This was one of the first apps we developed and was so successful that we’ve since developed business apps for several other clients. The BIFA app established the template we wanted to follow, and now we’re keen to do more apps because they’re a fabulous way for a business to instantly communicate news, events, product information etc. to a much wider audience. They’re surprisingly easy to manage as well – managing the content in an app is as simple as managing content in a website.

Our development rates and hosting fees are also significantly less than mainstream app development companies, which makes them an extremely cost-effective communications solution.

What our client said:

101 delivered an app that solved all the problems of the very precise brief we’d given and it was also far less expensive than we’d anticipated. Their professionalism, expertise and diligence – especially in going the extra mile to find out what Jeni and our end users wanted from the app – was deeply appreciated, and we’re looking forward to working with them again on future projects.

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