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101's Environmental Policy

The end of our buildings lease back in 2010 gave us an opportunity to relocate to new offices. A big factor in the choice of our new accommodation here in Taverham was the hugely reduced environmental impact and the accompanying cost reductions.

We chose a new build office that was very energy efficient and since moving have seen continual savings of around 25% in our energy bills compared to our previous accomodation. We have a policy of always replacing office equipment with items having at least an identical efficiency and if possible an improvement, this has also contributed to our reduced energy consumption. 

Since the move the majority of our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions are now from company vehicles travelling to visit clients and prospects. Having turned our attention to this area we are trialling a hybrid petrol/electric vehicle which we acquired in early 2016. Initial indications are that this is a practical alternative to a normal vehicle and is offering significant cost savings.

We are committed to reducing the amount of paper and other consumables that we use and recycle all that we can. We have recently signed up with the Norfolk and Suffolk Business Energy Efficiency scheme and have had our initial assessment. We are waiting for news of our accreditation and will display the logo on the website when confirmed.

As part of the assessment we were able to calculate our carbon footprint and were astonished to find it was 24.3 tonnes of CO2e for the last year, a real incentive for us to get that number lower this year. Our target is to reduce our electricity consumption by 5% and our overall emissions by 15%. We'll let you know how it goes.

By Roger Sutton