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Smart Messengers newest features

Smart Messenger has been updated with a new feature to allow you to play with font size and colour in your templates.

The new Styles facility is very similar to word. You can style default text, headers & buttons making it easier to keep your campaigns consistent and quick to build. This is an excellent tool, however it is not backwards compatible so to use it you will need to create a new template.

When editing your new template click the new styles button to reveal a drop down containing the font options. Click 'manage my styles' to open the side bar. The side bar allows you to choose your text and edit the appearance of it. This includes changing the font type, size and colour. As well as allowing you to make it bold, italic etc. Once you have chosen your styles, click apply and you're done! Now simply apply this style to text in your campaign.


By Courtney Hall

Tags: email marketing