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Updated Anti-Spam Service

We are shortly to implement an enhanced anti-spam service for those clients who use our email services.

There will be no operational changes to your email client or webmail facilities and no re-configuration should be necessary for those clients who have mailboxes on our servers. Clients for whom we redirect mail will be contacted individually to discuss any necessary re-configuration.

There will be minor changes in the spam reporting system. Initially you will receive a spam report email every three hours during UK working hours (assuming spam has been received), this will list all blocked mail received within that period and offer the opportunity to re-classify the mail. The body of the spam report will appear as below.


The actions carried out by following these options are as follows:


Registers the sending email address for all future deliveries to be made and will deliver the email held for this sender in the spam folder.


Delivers this email only for this sender – it will not register the sending email address for future delivery.


Removes this email from the spam folder and will prevent future retrieval.

Black list

Marks the sending email address for future non-delivery and non-reporting within the spam reporting system.

Show message

Displays the content of the message to facilitate the decision to Deliver, Whitelist or Blacklist the email.

 If an email address has been inadvertently Whitelisted or Black listed the setting can be subsequently edited by using the webmail facilities. Spam emails will be retained in the spam filter for 30 days before permanently being deleted.

Any existing White or Black listed email addresses stored within the Dell SonicWall spam filtering service will be lost.

Should there be any queries on the operation of the spam filtering service or any other matter concerning the services we provide please do not hesitate to contact our support department.

By Martin Aldridge