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Twitter Feed Stopped Working?

A whole host of Twitter feeds on websites across the world stopped working recently - Why?

Twitter Not Working

Well, Twitter have made some improvements to their operations and their API v1 was retired last Tuesday. If you have a twitter feed on your website that uses this then it is likely to no longer be working.

To check if your twitter feed is still working simply add a new tweet, wait a couple of minutes and then check your website to see if it appears in your feed. If it doesn't appear your twitter feed mechanism will need to be upgraded if it does appear you are probably already using the newer version of the API.

Your Twitter feed also needs to comply with the new guidelines set out by twitter so that your website visitors can interact with you easily. If you cannot comply Twitter may stop your feed.

If you need assistance please call us on 01603 858250 and speak to one of the team.

By Holly Stibbon

Tags: Website Design Social Media