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Getting your data into shape We are getting lots of enquiries about how to make sure current marketing data lists are compliant with GDPR requirements.
Posted by Roger Sutton
GDPR Conference Join us at the upcoming General Data Protect Regulation (GDPR) Conference.
Posted by Callum Atkinson
What's the fuss about SSL? “Google says my site is unsafe.”
Posted by Roger Sutton
B2B Contacts and Legitimate Interests A few weeks back we talked about using ‘Legitimate Interest’ rather than ‘Consent’ as a legal basis for processing B2B email marketing contacts under GDPR and the incoming ePrivacy Regulations...
Posted by Roger Sutton
Menta Trade Fair 2017 Join us at this year's Menta Trade Fair.
Posted by Callum Atkinson
Norfolk B2B 2017 We will be exhibiting at the Norfolk B2B on Thursday 12 October 2017.
Posted by Callum Atkinson
Hunts Biz Fair 2018 We're exhibiting at Hunts Biz Fair 2018!
Posted by Callum Atkinson
Cambridge B2B We're exhibiting at this year's annual Cambridge B2B Exhibition, organised by Cambridge News and Cambridgeshire Chambers. Hosted at Quy Mill Hotel and Spa.
Posted by Elissia Birks