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Email Marketing

Our comprehensive email marketing package, Smart Messenger will help you manage your campaigns as well as ensuring that your emails complement and integrate with your website. Track user interaction using our detailed reporting suite.

Email Marketing

Our UK email marketing tool, Smart Messenger, allows you to load contact lists, create fully featured email templates and then merge the two into email campaigns where you are in complete control. The service costs as little as £10 per month and includes 1,000 emails per month free of charge, additional emails cost half a penny or less each after that. 

We support you at all stages from helping you obtain or create contact lists, designing and creating your email campaigns and sending and analysing your activity reports. Our 'just call us' support and advice is provided as standard for you to call upon as and when you need to. With Smart Messenger you can either be self sufficient or we can take on some of the work if you're not comfortable doing it and fully manage your email campaigns.

Because it is such a comprehensive service, we have created a separate website at to explain SMS and email marketing in more detail.

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Email Marketing Courses

As part of our service, we run regular email marketing courses in Norfolk and Suffolk. The courses are designed for people who are already using email marketing who need to improve their results and people who are new to email marketing.

Email Marketing Courses Norwich, Norfolk and Framlingham, Suffolk